Programme Framework

IRMA offers a wide range of MDPs to the client organisations to build and improve the capability of their managerial work force. The MDPs span a broad range comprising of the different functional areas of management, various critical thrust areas of development as well as those focusing on specific sectors. The MDPs are a mix of need-based programmes designed to respond to widely felt requirements in specific areas of competencies, and custom-made programmes crafted to meet the training needs expressed by a particular organisation. The diversity of programmes has helped IRMA to focus and consolidate its efforts in meeting the training needs of its client organizations.

Evolving over time, IRMA's programmes have earned recognition for their unique blend of management education and rural orientation. While taking pride in the stability of its management programmes, IRMA works continuously to improve its MDPs to make them interactive and action-oriented. This makes IRMA a truly `learning organisation' and enhances the relevance of its programmes to its constituencies. The programmes include ones that are `sponsored', those that are 'open' ones and those that are 'off-campus'.
MDP Calendar

MDP Calendar 2013-14

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