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Producers Collectives and Livelihoods: Exploring Issues for Research and Policy

11-12 May, 2015

The proposed workshop would try to brainstorm about the practical issues being faced by the practitioners of producers’ collectives. The workshop has two objectives. First, it seeks to build on recent thinking in smaller groups across India on FPO effectiveness and strategies to help formulate and contribute to the ongoing policy discourse on producer collectives, especially on aspects relating to linkages, capital and capabilities of FPOs. The second objective is to enhance the current knowledge base and research on FPOs. This workshop would serve as an innovation space or platform for brainstorming, learning and sharing on FPOs across multiple actors – FPO CEOs/ MDs, promoting or resource organisations supporting producer collectives and academicians interested in producer organisations.


National Workshop on Developing Benchmarks for Watershed Management Outcomes

Coordinator: Prof. Pramod K Singh

A National Workshop on Benchmarking of Watershed Management Outcomes was organized by IRMA in collaboration with the World Bank, New Delhi and the Department of Land Resources, Ministry of Rural Development, GoI on June 16-17, 2014 in Ahmedabad. A multi-disciplinary group of 46 participants representing relevant sectors such as agriculture, livestock, hydrology, soil, income generation activities, etc. attended the workshop. This gathering also represented research institutions, NGOs and individual experts, and also with an adequate representation from the indicated agro-climatic regions.


International Conference on Pathways to Climate Resilient Livelihoods in the Himalayan River Basins

Coordinator: Prof. Pramod K Singh

An International Conference on Pathways to Climate Resilient Livelihoods in the Himalayan River Basins was organised on August 1-2, 2013 in New Delhi. Participants from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Austria attended the conference. The conference was structured into four thematic domains: namely manifestation of climate change; challenges to livelihoods and strategies for climate resilient development; research issues; and roadmaps for collaboration.

Cooperative-to-Cooperative Learning Events

Coordinator: Madhavi Mehta and HK Mishra

As part of the agreement between IRMA and Land-O-Lakes, a cooperative-to-cooperative learning event was organized in November 2013. The learning event was attended by 14 dairy cooperative business leaders from Kenya and Uganda. Representatives from Land-O-Lakes’ International Division, Prof. Michael Cook from University of Missouri, representatives of the Cooperative Resource International from USA, Nicaragua & South Africa as well as Indian participants from organizations such as NDDB, NDDB Dairy Services, GCMMF, Visakha Dairy, ALC and IRMA participated at the event. The learning event included field visits to dairy cooperatives and milk producers’ companies in Andhra Pradesh and Gujarat, followed by an interactive workshop at IRMA.

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