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Policy Papers:

1) Developing Cooperative Approaches Amongst Stakeholders for Supply of Essential Commodities to Urban Areas - by Prof. M.V.Durga Prasad
2) State of Erstwhile Villages in Urban India- by Prof. Mukul Kumar

Special Issue Network (Special Issue on Rural Urban Linkages- a compilation of policy notes)

1) The Rural Urban Divide in India - by Swati Pillai & Prof.Atulan Guha
2) Impact of Industrialization on Rural Community in Jharpara Village (Kutch District) - by Prof.Ila Patel
3) Is Urban Development in Gujarat Healthy? - by Abhishek Nair, Lakshmikant Tiwari & Prof.Pramod K.Singh
4) Rural Roads for last Mile Connectivity - An Overview - by Prof.Anand Venkatesh
5) Scenario of Essential Supply like Tomatoes from Rural to Urban Areas - by Prof. M.V.Durga Prasad and Vollance S. Christian
6) Applying Subjective Well-being lens to Understanding Poverty & Development in Rural India - by Prof.Preeti Priya and Prof. Saswata N Biswas
7) Imagining Rural Transformation and Urbanization - by Prof.Mukul Kumar

Working Papers:
1) Matching Game in Tomato pricing at Madanapalle Tomato Mandi - Prof.M V Durga Prasad. IDRC- TTI Working Paper.
2) Supply Chain Management of Tomato Production at Madanapalle region: A Case Study - By Prof. M. V. Durga Prasad. IDRC-TTI Working Paper.
3) The Liminality of a Housing Colony in Kanpur Nagar- by Prof. Mukul Kumar. IDRC-TTI Working Paper.
4) The Service Sector Growth and Urban Consumption - By Prof. Atulan Guha. IRMA Working Paper.
5) Linkage Between Food Price Inflation and Rural Wage Dynamics- Atulan Guha and Ashutosh Kr. Tripathi. IRMA Working Paper.
6) 'Political Economy of Water Supply and Drainage Service Delivery in Slums of Kolkata: Implications for Municipal Management' by Prof. Indranil De and Prof. Tirthankar Nag, IRMA Working Paper 252

Documentary Films (by IRMA)

 • Paradheen Gaon ka Swatantra Desh India - A Bipolar Nation

 • Short film on Peri-Urban areas (English)

 • Short film on Peri-Urban areas (Hindi)

Short film on Tomato Supply Chain

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