Ongoing Research Projects

• Project Title: Leadership in Cooperatives: Modeling Behavioral Competencies

Researcher Team: Prof. Madhavi Mehta and Ms. Neha Christie

Abstract: This project deals with the leadership competencies aspects of the dairy cooperative sector. As part of the project different milk union manager leaders, milk producers leaders were selected among the six milk unions of Gujarat state. The indepth interviews were taken through proper research method. The final report of this project and a working paper are in process.

• Project Title: Social network analysis of Patronage of dairy cooperative members in Gujarat

Researcher Team: Prof. Shyam Singh

Abstract: The project tries to bring attention on the whole aspect of information sharing and social network of dairy cooperative societies. It is very interesting as the project introduces new perspectives to understand the way e social status and social network of the district cooperative societies members help information dissemination and solve milk-related issues. This study also throws light on the way members use their bargaining power to realize collective and individual benefits.

• Project Title: A Study of Democratic Governance Structure, Members Selection and the scope for Leadershi in Primary Milk Cooperative Societies of Gujarat state

Researcher team: Prof. Indranil De, and Ms. Neha Christie

Abstract: In this project, the study will endeavour to understand the governance system at the Dairy Cooperative Societies (DCS) level, the process of members’ selection for the committee at DCS level, the effect of governance and members’ selection process on the efficiency (social and economic performance) of the primary milk society, the effectiveness of cooperatives in value generation for primary members and the amount of transparency the primary member perceive on their transaction and finally the evolution and role of local leadership in meeting the emerging challenges at DCS level. Stratified random sampling method will be used to collect the samples.

• Project Title: Development of an Optimization Model to Obtain Sustainable Milk Collection Operations for a Co-operative

Researcher team: Prof. Shivshanker Singh Patel, Prof. Harekrishna Misra, Prof. S. R Asokan, Shri Rajeev Pandey

Abstract: In this research project, the transportation system for the Kaira Cooperative Milk Producers Union Limited (KCMPUL) will be studied to assess problems with regard to potential dispatch center locations, milk collection centers at given locations and a heterogeneous fleet of vehicles. An algorithm will be suggested for solving the optimization problem and compared with the optimal solution for various instances of the problem. The proposed logistics of milk collection system will result in a reduction in the cost of transportation, traveling path and fuel consumption. The effects of the direct shipment on the traffic conditions and the environment will also be studied under this project. Further, the number of trucks on road can be reduced thus resulting in an improvement in traffic conditions. The effect of this logistics on the reduction of CO2 will also be addressed. This type of logistics management can be seen from the viewpoint of sustainable milk operational policy.

Completed Research Projects

  • Building contemporary research and study material on new generation producer organisations. Challenges faced by the Hasnabad Farmers Service Producer Company Limited (HFSPC). This study was completed by Dr.Ajit Kanitkar and has been used as part of the Managing Collectives course. Part B of case has also been worked out.
  • "Vasudhara Adivasi Dairy: Leading the Second White Revolution"
  • "Dharani Farmers' Cooperative Model".
  • A study on "Rural and Agricultural Mechanistion in Odisha" supported by CIMMYT.
  • Three IRMA faculties shared their research work at the 11th ICA (International Cooperative Alliance) Asia Pacific Regional Cooperative Research held at New Delhi on 15th November 2016.
  • VKCoE facilitated the field work of Ms Jieun Jang, a Masters student from the Paris School of International Affairs for her thesis on "The Power of Accountable Governance in Cooperatives: Lessons from Producer-owned dairy cooperatives in India".
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