Publications of VKCOE


Publications of VKCOE

Occasional Papers

Ajit Kanitkar. 2016. The Logic of Farmer Enterprise. Institute of Rural Management Anand. Occasional Publication 17 .

Journal Articles

Shambu Prasad C. and PratyayaJagannath. 2016. Can the Big Learn from the Small?Seminar.Issue 682.Spl issue on Changing Countryside. (the article was a culmination of the project with CIMMYT on agricultural mechanization)

Case Studies

C Shambu Prasad and Joseph V Satish. (May 2017) Dharani: Nurturing the earth, fostering farmers' livelihoods. The case won the first prize in the Oikos International competition in the Social Entrepreneurship track and is available here

AjitKanitkar&CShambuPrasad (July 2017) Hasnabad Farmer Service Producer Company Limited (HFSPC): A Management Case (Part B)

AjitKanitkar&CShambuPrasad. (July 2016) Hasnabad Farmer Service Producer Company Limited (HFSPC): A Management Case.

C ShambuPrasad&SiddharthaDhabi.(July 2016) Vasudhara Adivasi Dairy: Leading the Second White Revolution.

Conference Papers

Shambu Prasad, C and JayantiKumari. 2016. Rethinking Cooperatives for Sustainable Development: Insights from Vasudhara Dairy and Dharani Organic cooperatives. (Presented atthe 11th ICA-AP cooperative research conference, New Delhi."Cooperatives and Sustainable Development.") Available here

Shambu Prasad, C and Chitra Krishnan. 2016. "Co-creating knowledge for rural transformation: universities as knowledge brokers." Presented at the 2nd International Conference on Transformation for Rural Development: Collaboration and Co-Production of Knowledge.Ambedkar University and Charles Strut University and PRADAN, April 19-21.

Girish K. Agrawal and BabakLalfam. 2016. Inclusive Growth and Cooperative Governance- challenges and possible directions.(Presented at the 11th ICA-AP cooperative research conference, New Delhi."Cooperatives and Sustainable Development.")


Jieun Jang. 2016. The Power of Accountable Governance in Cooperatives: Lessons from Producer-owned dairy cooperatives in India". Unpublished Master's Thesis for MA in International Development submitted to Sciences Po - Paris School of International Affairs and defended successfully in May. VKCOE helped with all field related work of Ms Jang in Oct- December 2015 and discussions thereafter.

Media Fellowship

  • Mr.SandipDas's (Financial Express) proposal on"The impact of the external and internal factors on dairy cooperatives in the country: Current scenario and future prospects" was reviewed and supported by VKCOE. As part of a media fellowship articles on dairy cooperatives have been researched and shared. Some of the articles include,
  • Sandip Das(2017, August 9) Milk procurement by Banaskantha Dairy picks up after floods Read More
  • Sandip Das(2017, March 4) Two major cooperatives ask government to keep dairy sector outside FTA negotiations purview. Read More
  • Sandip Das(2017, Feb 3) Nabard's Rs 8k-cr infrastructure development fund to boost financing of milk processing capacitiesRead More
  • Sandip Das(2017, March 1) Hit by drought, disparity Karnataka Co-op Milk Producers Federation to see moderate growth in procurementRead More
  • Sandip Das (2017, January 4). India may be No.1 milk producer in world, but dairy farmers still outside formal credit system. Read More
  • Sandip Das (2016, December 31). Demonetisation gives digital payments boost to dairy farmers; over 1 mn accounts opened. Read More
  • SandipDas(2016, December 6).After Amul turns cashless, NDDB orders affiliates to turn to online payments. Read More
  • SandipDas(2016, November 21). Demonetisation: Boost for Amul's cashless drive. Read More
  • Milk prices set to rise? Country facing acute shortage of fodder. Read More
  • SandipDas (2016, September 27). Banas Dairy a big success story; honcho Bipin Patel explains how it did it. Read More
  • SandipDas (2016, September 26). How arid Banaskantha keeps white revolution going. Read More
  • SandipDas (2016, August 29). Amul, 25 others use e-platform to sell dairy items. Read More
  • SandipDas (2016, August 29). Rural startups using modern communication tools get booster shot; here's how. Read More
  • Sandip Das (2016 July 3).Milk revolution in East India? Here's what Amul is up to. Read More
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