Publications of VKCOE

Publications of VKCOE

Occasional Papers

Ajit Kanitkar. 2016. The Logic of Farmer Enterprise. Institute of Rural Management Anand. Occasional Publication 17 .

Journal Articles

Shambu Prasad C. and PratyayaJagannath. 2016. Can the Big Learn from the Small?Seminar.Issue 682.Spl issue on Changing Countryside. (the article was a culmination of the project with CIMMYT on agricultural mechanization)

Case Studies

C Shambu Prasad and Joseph V Satish. (May 2017) Dharani: Nurturing the earth, fostering farmers' livelihoods. The case won the first prize in the Oikos International competition in the Social Entrepreneurship track and is available here

AjitKanitkar&CShambuPrasad (July 2017) Hasnabad Farmer Service Producer Company Limited (HFSPC): A Management Case (Part B)

AjitKanitkar&CShambuPrasad. (July 2016) Hasnabad Farmer Service Producer Company Limited (HFSPC): A Management Case.

C ShambuPrasad&SiddharthaDhabi.(July 2016) Vasudhara Adivasi Dairy: Leading the Second White Revolution.

Conference Papers

Madhavi Mehta and Neha Christie. 2017. Producer and managerial leaders in cooperatives. Shall the twain meet? (Presented at the International Conference on Rural Management, Xavier School of Rural Management, Xavier University Bhubaneswar).  

Shambu Prasad, C and Sankar, D. 2017. Sustaining Market Intervention through Collective Action: A case study of the Satpura Self Reliant Farmer Producer Company. (Presented at the 5th Network of Rural and Agrarian Studies conference at NCDS Bhubaneswar)  

Neha Christie. 2017. Collaborative leadership for gender mainstreaming in dairy cooperatives: Social Innovation of Vasudhara Dairy in Gujarat. (Presented at the 12th International Cooperative Alliance - Asia and Pacific Regional Cooperative Research Conference, Seoul, Republic of Korea, from November 11 to 12, 2017)    

Shambu Prasad, C and Sathish Kumar. 2017. Social Innovations in Organic Foods in Rainfed India: The case of Dharani FaM Coop Ltd. (Presented at the 12th International Cooperative Alliance - Asia and Pacific Regional Cooperative Research Conference, Seoul, Republic of Korea, from November 11 to 12, 2017)  


Stoop, W. A.; Shambu Prasad C. Sabarmatee; PushpalathaSivasubramanian; Ravindra, A.; Debashish Sen; and Thakur, A. K.2017. Opportunities for ecological intensification: lessons and insights from the System of Rice/crop Intensification - their implications for agricultural research and development approaches.CAB Reviews12: 036, pp 1-19.

Debashish Sen, Harro Maat, Dominic Glover, C. Shambu Prasad. 2017. The Introduction of SRI in Uttarakhand, India. Technopolitical Mythologies and Sociotechnical Flexibility.Anthropologie &développement 46-47

Shambu Prasad C. 2017. “Vulnerability in Agriculture and Rethinking innovation: The case of SRI in India” presented at the international seminar on “Burning Fields, Bio Fuels and Bettering Farm Life” by University of Maastricht and IIT Delhi at Delhi on September 11-13th.

Shambu Prasad, C and JayantiKumari. 2016. Rethinking Cooperatives for Sustainable Development: Insights from Vasudhara Dairy and Dharani Organic cooperatives. (Presented atthe 11th ICA-AP cooperative research conference, New Delhi."Cooperatives and Sustainable Development.") Available here

Shambu Prasad, C and Chitra Krishnan. 2016. "Co-creating knowledge for rural transformation: universities as knowledge brokers." Presented at the 2nd International Conference on Transformation for Rural Development: Collaboration and Co-Production of Knowledge.Ambedkar University and Charles Strut University and PRADAN, April 19-21.

Girish K. Agrawal and BabakLalfam. 2016. Inclusive Growth and Cooperative Governance- challenges and possible directions.(Presented at the 11th ICA-AP cooperative research conference, New Delhi."Cooperatives and Sustainable Development.")


Jieun Jang. 2016. The Power of Accountable Governance in Cooperatives: Lessons from Producer-owned dairy cooperatives in India". Unpublished Master's Thesis for MA in International Development submitted to Sciences Po - Paris School of International Affairs and defended successfully in May. VKCOE helped with all field related work of Ms Jang in Oct- December 2015 and discussions thereafter.

Media Fellowship

  • Mr.SandipDas's (Financial Express) proposal on"The impact of the external and internal factors on dairy cooperatives in the country: Current scenario and future prospects" was reviewed and supported by VKCOE. As part of a media fellowship articles on dairy cooperatives have been researched and shared. Some of the articles include,
  • Sandip Das(2017, August 9) Milk procurement by Banaskantha Dairy picks up after floods Read More
  • Sandip Das(2017, March 4) Two major cooperatives ask government to keep dairy sector outside FTA negotiations purview. Read More
  • Sandip Das(2017, Feb 3) Nabard's Rs 8k-cr infrastructure development fund to boost financing of milk processing capacitiesRead More
  • Sandip Das(2017, March 1) Hit by drought, disparity Karnataka Co-op Milk Producers Federation to see moderate growth in procurementRead More
  • Sandip Das (2017, January 4). India may be No.1 milk producer in world, but dairy farmers still outside formal credit system. Read More
  • Sandip Das (2016, December 31). Demonetisation gives digital payments boost to dairy farmers; over 1 mn accounts opened. Read More
  • SandipDas(2016, December 6).After Amul turns cashless, NDDB orders affiliates to turn to online payments. Read More
  • SandipDas(2016, November 21). Demonetisation: Boost for Amul's cashless drive. Read More
  • Milk prices set to rise? Country facing acute shortage of fodder. Read More
  • SandipDas (2016, September 27). Banas Dairy a big success story; honcho Bipin Patel explains how it did it. Read More
  • SandipDas (2016, September 26). How arid Banaskantha keeps white revolution going. Read More
  • SandipDas (2016, August 29). Amul, 25 others use e-platform to sell dairy items. Read More
  • SandipDas (2016, August 29). Rural startups using modern communication tools get booster shot; here's how. Read More
  • Sandip Das (2016 July 3).Milk revolution in East India? Here's what Amul is up to. Read More
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