TASS Session by Prof. Shambu Prasad on “Knowledge Swaraj”

Prof. Shambu Prasad gave a talk in the on-going Thursday Afternoon Seminar Series (TASS) on August 23 on the topic, "Knowledge Swaraj: Public Participation and Citizen Science in India."

The talk shared ideas and discussions on the role of citizens in producing scientific knowledge based on a recent international workshop on science and dissent at the University of Geneva that Prof. Prasad was part of. It explored the history of science and dissent in India and suggested that public participation and citizen science has had a different trajectory involving conversations on knowledge and democracy.

Citizen science, that has recently gained prominence in India, needs to recognize the richer history of public participation in science experiments and the engagement of peoples' movements for an alternative science. The talk explored this alternate trajectory and shared a recent attempt by citizen groups to envision a citizen's manifesto on India's future in science and technology.

The Thursday Afternoon Seminar Series (TASS) is a weekly initiative at IRMA aimed as a forum where updates and current events in the field of rural management and development can be discussed and new ideas can fructify.

To learn more on how to participate in TASS, please write to tass@irma.ac.in

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