Post Graduate Diploma in Management (Rural Management-Executive)


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This programme has enhanced my technical and managerial knowledge to a great extent. It has also contributed immensely to my self-confidence and I've noticed a positive behavioural change in myself owing to the great interpersonal relationships with my batch.

Ajay Singh Rathore, PGDMX(R) Participant


The PRMX is a great experience that has provided ample learning in the area of management which will be fruitful for me as well as for my organisation. Stress Handling and Time Management are two aspects that have definitely improved in me as a professional.

Ajitendra Singh Tomar, PGDMX(R) Participant


PRMX programme has inducted key aspects of decision making in me. Along with technical knowledge of Management, PRMX programme has changed my perception of looking at problems. With economic aspect, social value also holds true in development, without which it is incomplete. This is something that the programme has taught me.

Amarendra Pratap Singh, PGDMX(R) Participant


After joining PRMX programme at IRMA, I could see a lot of changes in my thinking, working style, as well as the manner of approaching a situation with a broader perspective. Subjects like Organisational Behaviour, Organisational Design, Rural Society and Polity, Micro and Macro Economics have aided this multi-dimensional way of thinking.

Amit Kumar, PGDMX(R) Participant


There are no shortcuts to success but IRMA's 15-month programme is a glimpse of it. That change, that one undergoes inside the classroom, will lead to a successful professional in the real world.

Bhensaniya Mehulkumar Hasmukhbhai, PGDMX(R) Participant


Through this programme, I look forward to exposure to data analytics, social impact assessment, social entrepreneurship courses and more of experiential learning

Biswajit Bhattacharjee, PGDMX(R) Participant


The Programme changed my way of resolving problems and helped me develop a multidimensional point of view. I've learnt to multitask effectively under pressure. The knowledge gain is immense.

Chirag K Sevak, PGDMX(R) Participant


This programme enhanced my knowledge and personality to a great extent. On the whole, improvement in managerial skills, self-confidence, analytical thinking and leadership skills is apparent.

Dinesh Babu Nalla, PGDMX(R) Participant


This programme has enhanced my technical and managerial knowledge to a great extent. It has also contributed immensely to my self-confidence and I've noticed a positive behavioural change in myself owing to the great interpersonal relationships with my batch.

Dinesh Chaudhary, PGDMX (R) Participant


The course design of PRMX programme and the knowledge imparting methods by experienced faculy is simply outstanding. A blend of technical and management skills is helping me in a big way to analyse global agriculture both through technical and management perspectives

Dr. Arvind Kumar Upadhyaya, PGDMX(R) Participant


With guidance from faculty and colleagues, PRMX has provided me an opportunity to focus and target my strengths. Thanks to both in and out of classroom experiences, I believe I am on the way to making better business decisions and building better relationships. The program really gives back what one puts in and as such, I would continue pushing boundaries and rediscover myself here at IRMA.

Dr. Manvir Singh, PGDMX(R) Participant


Learnt so many things, which would definitely be beneficial for me in my career as well as for my organization also. Stress Handling and Time Management, these two things have definitely improved during the tenure so far.

Gajendra Singh Raghav, PGDMX(R) Participant


PRMX at IRMA is a life-changing opportunity. It brings about a personal transformation. The unique structure of the programme, VFS Segment, social activities and industry interactionswill surely enable you to take on any challenges ahead in the professional career.

Harshal Gadge, PGDMX(R) Participant


Within five years I want to develop and successfully manage projects which will help in increasing the profitability of my organization as well as in developing the trust of target groups. The courses in the PRMX programme will surely give me the exposure to do that.

Jaiveer Singh, PGDMX(R) Participant


The PRMX programme has clearly had an impact on my motivation and therefore my ambition. The programme structure and class room integration seems immediately more tangible and achievable with good methodology of learning and many hours of work to the course.

Kapil Kanaiyalal Patel , PGDMX(R) Participant


Five years down the line I wish to fine tune myself with the skills acquired in this programme and try to incorporate those to bring value to the organisation I am associated with. I am really enjoying the class room sessions in IRMA as interactive sessions help to learn from people of diverse backgrounds. Every case study is relatable and builds the thinking process in order to face complex situations.

Manoj P. Hanagandi, PGDMX(R) Participant


The practical scenarios generation and classroom discussions through Case Studies are additions to these subjects with their application in a real life situation. This has changed my perspective regarding looking into any situation, even in my personal life.

Mukul Kumar, PGDMX(R) Participant


The approaches to pedagogy adopted in PRMX programme, have broadened knowledge base and thought-process to analyse real life situations with a new dimension. This course has helped in developing the analytical skills across diverse disciplines. These, in conjugation with managerial decision making and understanding of people and organisational behaviour will help in becoming a successful business leader.

Naveen Kumar, PGDMX(R) Participant


The program has been able to provide me with the knowledge and perspective for leading a team in an organization. Now I am able to appreciate how the economy and markets function.

Pankaj Singh, PGDMX(R) Participant


The programme so far has covered the basic courses in a time bound manner blending theory with practical experience sharing. After joining the programme I have started applying analytical thinking and management perspective more effectively.

Pritam Saikia, PGDMX(R) Participant


Through this Programme, I have acquired new perspective about business environment and various factors impacting it. I find myself more confident now. Project planning and Management will help me understand the planning, implementation and monitoring of green field projects of milk producer companies. 

Priti Chaudhary, PGDMX(R) Participant


PRMX programme will provide more value than the cost of 15 months spent in the IRMA campus. I am sure that it will lead to an enhanced thinking process and change my vision to see things, situations and people through different lenses. 

Rajeev Kumar Singh, PGDMX(R) Participant


The Programme has contributed to improvement in the overall knowledge about management issues and their respective solutions

Sagar Shroff, PGDMX(R) Participant


Courses like Rural Society and Polity have helped in building perspective towards rural society and the Village Fieldwork Segment connected me to rural life once again

Sarvesh Kumar, PGDMX(R) Participant


PRMX programme not only provides quality education but also the values that define us as effective leaders. Subjects such as Organisational Behaviour, Organisational Structure and Design, Managerial Communication, Collective Action and Cooperation as well as the unique teaching pedagogy have completely changed my thought-process and professional approach.

Shabahat Kareem, PGDMX(R) Participant


I'm now able to understand and appreciate other domains of Management, Prioritize work and Deliver under pressure

Supriya Sarkar, PGDMX(R) Participant


The quality of learning is very high and it has brought changes to my way of thinking as a professional

Swapnil S. Thaker , PGDMX(R) Participant


The quality of individuals you study with is so high, and from such a diverse set of industries and roles, that learning outside the classroom tends to be as much or more than from the formal education process.

Vikash Kumar Singh, PGDMX(R) Participant


Excellent, practical and up-to-the date course design, great study methods & materials, experienced and fantastic faculty members

Yogeshkumar Harishankar Joshi, PGDMX(R) Participant

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