Working Papers
  • Political Economy of Water Supply and Drainage Service Delivery in Slums of Kolkata: Implications for Municipal Management
  • Author : Indranil De and Tirthankar Nag
  • Jan-2014

The paper aims to demystify the relation between socio-political identity of slums and delivery of public services. The study is based on a household survey on access to water supply and drainage services of twenty three slums of Kolkata. It demonstrates that political competition and fragmentation has a mixed effect on the delivery of services. Political competition improves while political fragmentation impairs services managed by lower levels of the local government. Clientelism leads to underprovision of services if they are managed by lower levels of local government. Water supply falls short of being sufficient and of good quality in wards represented by councilors affiliated to the minority party in the corporation and of the minority community. Religious and caste identities of the slum dwellers have a mixed bearing on service provision. Feedback to the local government improves the quality of water supply.


Keywords: Local Governance, Political Economy, Publicly Provided Goods  JEL Code: P48, H41, H75

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