Kurien's IRMA

Kurien’s IRMA: An invitation to contribute As a pioneering rural management institute IRMA owes its existence, and subsequent prominence, to its iconic founder - Dr Verghese Kurien. To commemorate this great Institution builder on his birth centenary, IRMA would like to bring out an illustrated book on Kurien's IRMA. Kurien’s presence, his interactions and utterances influenced many of us in myriad ways. It opened doors that we thought never existed. The book will be primarily based on short reflective pieces from faculty and IRMA alumni who had an opportunity to interact with Kurien and see him from close quarters and could recount a distinct and memorable event or image of him.  

The centenary celebrations will culminate in a three-day academic festival – symposia and round table discussions - on various topics at IRMA from the 24-26th November 2021). The book, tentatively titled "Kurien's IRMA", would be released during the festival. We request those who had worked with him or were students during his IRMA period to contribute articles and photographs highlighting what had influenced them.  The write-ups will be edited and curated by an editorial committee (we encourage you to use pithy titles for your contributions). Though we are not imposing any strict word limit, a write-up between 500 to 750 words will be most appreciated. Please do not forget to upload pictures that you have with Dr. Kurien or that you had snapped here at IRMA with Dr. Kurien in it. We are also trying to find unique pictures of Dr. Kurien for archiving. We will give due credit to each of these pictures.  

We invite you to register and submit your contribution here

Looking forward to your contributions on Dr Kurien.