Research & Publications


The Institute's publication programme is a response to the need of charting a unique path in rural management, a discipline defined and developed by IRMA. The research writings of the faculty in the initial phase emerging out of research and consultancy projects was of three types: research reports, case studies and workshop reports. These were the first three series of publications of CORPAS. The faculty was also coming up with cases in rural management, which was soon added to the CORPAS portfolio of publications. As academic life at the Institute began to encompass an increasing array of aspects of rural sector, the publication programme was modified into seven series: Working Paper, Research Paper, Workshop Report, Case Study, Cases in Rural Management, Monograph and Occasional Publication. Out of these, Working Papers and some of the Occasional Publications are the non-priced series while the rest are priced series. The non-priced series are made available through CORPAS while the sale of priced series is through the Library.