Fellow Programme in Rural Management (FPRM)

Academic Calendar

Terms Duration Details
Term I (5 Credits) 12th Jul - 28th Sep 2018 79 Days
Economics (Micro and Macro) (1.0 Credit)
Finance (Integrated) (1.0 Credit)
Business Statistics & Analytics (1.0 Credit)
Rural Society and Polity (1.0 Credit)
Philosophy of Science (1 Credit)
Development Perspectives: Concept and Theories (1.0 Credit)
Term II (6 Credits) 1th Oct - 27th Dec 2018 88 Days
Development Perspectives: Concept and Theories (1.0 Credit)
Management Theories and Perspectives (1.0 Credit)
Research Methodology-I (1.0 Credit)
Research Methodology-II (1.0 Credit)
Marketing Management (1.0 Credit)
Organizational Behavior (OB/HR) (1.0 Credit)
Vacation : Two weeks’ Vacation (Dec 28th 2018 - Jan 12th 2019) 16 Days
Term III (5.5 Credits) 14th Jan - 13th Apr 2019 89 Days
Area Course 1 (1.0 Credit)
Area Course 2 (1.0 Credit)
Area Course 3 (Focus on Analytics) (1.0 Credit)
Area Course 4 (Sector / Theme as per research interest) (1.0 Credit)
Rural Management (0.5 credit)
Development Organizations & Interventions (1.0 Credit)
Vacation : Apr 14th - 21st, 2019 (1 Week) 7 Days
Term IV Organizational Study Segment (3 Credits) 22nd Apr - 16th Jul 2019 86 Days The Organizational case study will focus on both developmental and management goals and challenges of the organization; (Report and Presentation based evaluation)
Term V Proposal Preparation IV (3 Credits) 17th Jul - 18th Oct 2019 94 Days A Systematic Review of Literature on the proposed research topic; A review paper based on review; Presentation and grading by TAC.
Term VI Proposal Preparation (3 Credits) 21st Oct - 17th Jan 2020 89 Days Preparation of Draft Proposal drawing upon on review paper; Open Seminar; Evaluation of Proposal by TAC; & Viva by a Panel - Registration of Revised Proposal with FPRM Office
Vacation : Jan 18th - 31st (2 Weeks) 14 Days
Thesis Work Begins 3rd Feb 2020 89 Days Thesis Work Begins. The candidate works under guidance of the TAC with a six-monthly review of progress.
Thesis Work Continues
Thesis Proposal Presentation & Registration of Revised proposal with FPRM Office
Mid Term Progress Presentation (Seminar)
Pre – Submission Seminar and Submission Draft with Approval of TAC
VIVA VOCE Examination