Post Graduate Diploma in Management (Rural Management)

Village Fieldwork Segments

The Village Fieldwork Segment (VFS) after the first classroom term is an extended period of exposure to the rural economy, society and polity. The eight-week term develops in the participants a deeper understanding and sensitivity to the concerns of rural communities as well as helps them in identifying inherent constraints and opportunities.

Student groups are attached to local host organisations and are placed in villages across India. The students execute small action-oriented tasks entrusted to them related to the host organization’s area of work, known as the Rural Action Component (RAC). They also participate in collaborative research work with faculty members from IRMA by way of detailed surveys and thematic research.

IRMA faculty closely interacts with students during this segment to guide and work with them in mapping their classroom learning to the ground realities and in developing their detailed Village Development Reports (VDR). Students' learning is then evaluated on the basis of their presentations and discussions in the seminars and  the VDRs submitted at the end of village fieldwork. The participants also receive constructive feedback from the host organizations and their faculty guides.