Post Graduate Diploma in Management (Rural Management)

FAQ- Health and Wellness Care at IRMA

1. Does IRMA have medical facilities?

Yes. IRMA has a dispensary in the campus. While an experienced General Physician daily visits the dispensary except for Sundays. A full-time nurse is available in the campus 24 x 7 and hence can be contacted for any emergency requirements. A Gynaecologist makes a visit once a week. IRMA has established a Wellness Centre and a qualified Wellness Advisor is available to attend any well-being concern of students on week days.

IRMA’s 60-acre campus is surrounded by a concrete wall and 24 x 7 security team ensures safety of campus residents. Fire safety instruments have been installed as per government norms. Also, CCTV cameras are available at the key points of the campus.

Admissions Office

Mr. Janak R. Brahmbhatt
Manager (Academics)
Phone No.: 02692-221657

Mr. Chandrakant Parmar
Phone No. 02692-221659
E-mail: admis@irma.ac.in 

WhatsApp No.: 90237 30310