About the Organisers

Institute of Rural Management Anand
The Institute of Rural Management Anand (IRMA), established in 1979, is the pioneering academic institution in rural management education and research. It is committed to pursuing excellence along with creativity and integrity. The unique strength of IRMA lies in its ability to integrate development and management in all its endeavours and activities. This sets IRMA apart from other management and rural development institutions, which are largely concerned with either management or development, but not with both. Today, IRMA is recognized not only as an institution of excellence in teaching and research, but also acknowledged for having successfully created the new discipline of rural management. IRMA’s educational and training programmes provide state-of-the-art pedagogy with emphasis on experiential learning.

Small Farm Incomes Project
The Small Farm Incomes (SFI) Project at IRMA aims to further themes of civic action, equity and sustainability through participatory research and learning. The project primarily seeks to explore, document and co-create knowledge embedding sustainable food systems. These aims are pursued through initiatives to understand processes underlying sustainability transitions in rain fed and small holder agro-ecologies and livelihoods. SFI actively collaborates with civil society and academic partners to disseminate knowledge on farmers’ institutions, producer organisations, sustainable agricultural practices, and related themes. SFI is also invested in ecosystem support and institution building through regular interactions with various stakeholders, and design of youth-based internship programmes.

Network of Rural and Agrarian Studies
The Network of Rural and Agrarian Studies (NRAS) was established in 2010, motivated by the twin objectives of a) reinvigorating the study of agrarian and rural issues in India’s academic institutions and enabling scholars to engage with a range of pressing issues and ideas; and b) influencing the pedagogy and curriculum of academic institutions to encompass rural and agrarian issues. Currently, NRAS secretariat is working with Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi.