Post Graduate Diploma in Management (Rural Management)


A society is made up of individuals. The development of individuals, therefore, is an integral part of the development of society. IRMA has acquired a special place over the years among other B-schools when it comes to supplementing the society with Managers who work for a cause. The IRMAn spirit can be defined as the spirit with which IRMA was founded by respected Dr. Verghese Kurien. In our opinion, the IRMAn spirit stands for the spirit of humanity, collectivism, and the simple principle of “Grow and Help Others Grow”. The foundation for developing such individuals lies in self-development. The ‘i-Spirit’ club believes that Yoga, Meditation, and Mindfulness is highly instrumental in achieving the objective of self-development. The stress that is faced by the youth is immense in this age and to deal with it, they are occupied in various pursuits that are counter-productive in nature. Their energies can be channelized in a better manner with the help of Yoga, Meditation, and Mindfulness which will not only ensure their wellbeing but also provide a higher purpose in life. The club, in its entirety, aims to help the participants develop themselves into the individuals who will go out in the world and exhibit the IRMAn spirit in their life by working towards the betterment of the masses.

Mission Statement: “To foster the IRMAn spirit among the participants through Yoga, Meditation and Mindfulness.”

  1. Ayushi Agarwal: p40116@irma.ac.in
  2. Garima Gulati p40124@irma.ac.in
  3. Rishi Chand Singh Bedi p40038@irma.ac.in
  4. Sharad Raj Utsav p40149@irma.ac.in
  5. Utsav Pandya p40213@irma.ac.in
  6. Yogesh Prasher p40055@irma.ac.in