Post Graduate Diploma in Management (Rural Management)


“Agriculture was the first occupation of man, and as it embraces the whole earth, it is the foundation of all other industries” – E. W. Steward

Krishinova originated from a portmanteau “Agrinova,” meaning agricultural innovation. FAO defines Agricultural Innovation as, “The process whereby individuals or organizations bring new or existing products, processes or ways of organization into use for the first time in a specific context in order to increase effectiveness, competitiveness, resilience to shocks or environmental sustainability and thereby contribute to food security and nutrition, economic development or sustainable natural resource management.”

Agribusiness (coined by Goldberg and Davis in 1957) is one of the most challenging businesses today striving to ensure food security throughout the world by agro-products, directly or indirectly.

Krishinova - The Agribusiness Club aims at solving modern-day challenges in agribusiness sector through a collaborative approach, keeping in mind the challenges faced by farmers. Founded by PRM 41 (Batch of 2022), the club is a platform for participants of all academic backgrounds to learn more about the problems in the corporate sector and develop skills to tackle the same.

Krishinova plans to substantiate this vision by collaborating with industry leaders for interactive sessions and a peak into the real world of agribusiness. It also plans to publish a semi-yearly magazine and a weekly wrap-up, apart from workshops and exhibitions.

Email: krishinova@irma.ac.in

Core Committee Members:

Abhishek Betal - p41130@irma.ac.in

Abhilasha Patra - p41064@irma.ac.in