Post Graduate Diploma in Management (Rural Management)

Laasya - Nrityashala of IRMA

When the daily toil of studies, pre-reads, post reads, assignments, and quizzes suck out all the creativity and enthusiasm, dance is something that rejuvenates the self. It is a constructive tool for emotional outbursts bringing instability even in this chaos. With this idea, Laasya came into being. This dance club was founded in September 2018.

The word Laasya stems from Hindu mythology as being the dance performed by Goddess Parvati which is filled with beauty and grace and expresses happiness. In contrast to Tandava which depicts the violent nature of death and destruction, Laasya brings about the happiness and joy in dance, gently. In the ‘hustle and bustle’ of ‘mundane’ lives which is frenzied most of the time, Laasya tries to bring about some moments of peace. It is in these moments that we connect with our own selves which we usually leave behind.

One does not have to be a dancer to feel the joy of swaying and losing oneself to the rhythms of music, one just needs to connect his/her soul with every beat that resonates. That is the core idea behind Laasya. A platform which helps you reconnect with yourself and express your emotions gracefully.  Our weekdays and weekend workshops tend to be fun stress-relievers.

Core Values
At Laasya everyone is welcome with open arms. You being a dancer or a non-dancer, a teacher, a faculty, from the community or a student does not change anything. We meet with only one purpose - to dance with freedom.

To proliferate the culture of dance in the lives of IRMA students and its community to harbor an inclusive environment and further make it a sustainable venture.


  • Deliver quality performances
  • Promote fitness through dance
  • A medium of relieving stress
  • Create awareness about different dance styles

Email: laasya@irma.ac.in


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Profile name: Laasya- Nrityashala of IRMA

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