Post Graduate Diploma in Management (Rural Management)

Pravartana - The Operations Club of IRMA

Pravartana was set up in February, 2019 by a small group of PGDRM-39 participants. The word 'Pravartana' is a Sanskrit word which means come to operation. The objective is to understand the connection between Operations Management and Rural Management as well as to develop the interest of students in different fields of operation. Our aim is to bridge the gap between the classroom sessions and practical understanding of Operations. The activities we plan to conduct are case competitions, quizzes, guest lectures by alumni as well as corporates expert and sharing of articles/latest news on supply-chain practices and operations.

To develop and imbibe the understanding in students to meet the ends in the field of operations management.

To initiate interest in Operations Management and help students to generate ideas in this domain which can be converted into future career opportunities.

The club is mentored by Prof. Shivshanker Singh Patel.