Post Graduate Diploma in Rural Management (PGDRM)

Terra Firma

An education institute gives one the space to disagree and the maturity to be positively comfortable with differences. That plays a crucial role in giving an institute the strength to shape young minds. IRMA nurtures not only diverse set of students but also diverse and maybe sometimes divergent ideas. That is the beauty of this place, it exposes you to different ideas and it is you who gets to decide. Terra Firma 2018 addresses the elephants in the room as it talks about the subjects we generally prefer to ignore.

The first section of the magazine attempts to explore and celebrate the IRMA curriculum by discussing the nuances of the way it has evolved and the way students relate to it now. The second section of the magazine takes you round the city Anand but this time it is not about the much talked about Amul factory or the new KFC outlet. Terra Firma 2018 shares the stories of people who belong to this city and yet we comfortably put then in an obscured corner. The third section will give you multiple perspectives on how each individual finds her/him in this space differently and yet in equally beautiful manner. The last section of the magazine gives the reader a peep in into young analytical minds of IRMA that dwell on topics ranging from Fintech to the ideas of self.

This magazine has been an avenue for the PRM participants opportunity to go beyond and deeper in their learning from classroom, as a medium for them to express their creative skills and as a productive intersection ground for diverse viewpoints. It is through the observation, retrospection, discussion and ideation that quality and understanding of fine nuances in learning is maintained; and student magazine is an expression of the same.

Terra Firma 2019

Terra Firma 2018