Post Graduate Diploma in Management (Rural Management)


The Chimes are ringing again!

Started by the editorial teams of PGDM(RM) 34 (2013-15), nurtured by the editorial teams of PGDM(RM) 37 (2016-18) and PGDM(RM) 38 (2017-19), and revived by the editorial team of PGDM(RM) 41 (2020-22), The Chimes is the monthly newsletter from the student-led Magazine Committee. It aims to cover the events, enthusiasm and celebrate IRMAns.

Happy reading!

Magazine Editors for PGDM(RM) 41 (2020-22):

Komal Ajitkumar Jain: p41084@irma.ac.in

Avdhoot Shrikant Takale: p41206@irma.ac.in